About Bene-Vita

Nadia Matthews

I am a qualified Somatologist. I studied at International Academy of Health and Skin Care.

It literally took my years to realise how bad the products are that I have been using.

I think a big wake up call was when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Once I chose to move to a more natural approach regarding my health and well-being I became more aware of the products I used and the food I consumed. As awareness grows so our consciousness evolves. It was and still is essential for me to bring more consciousness into the lives of many who are unaware.

I believe one has to release the ego and move back to your natural self. Mindfulness eases the ego. Chemicals destroy our bodies and mind. We are shifting. We are evolving. We are constantly learning.

I found it very difficult to book a treatment at a Spa and not question the products being used. Many therapists whom I had spoken with had no idea about the ingredients in the products they were using to “fix” or “heal”.

Bene-Vita Wellness is here to introduce treatments to you using only natural, pure products.

We believe in quality and that which the earth has provided to heal.

Qira Matthews

Qira the face of our soon to be launched YOUTH range.

Qira Matthews is a 16-year-old high school teen entrepreneur, proving that you don’t need a driver’s licence to create a successful business. With a passion for all things health and skin related, she has assisted in producing and launching this range of wellness organic products. Qira is also an avid health-conscious foodie, bakes amazing cakes to order and loves dance and exercise to keep in shape. This savvy teenager is proving that you just need the vision and perseverance to jumpstart a budding career, and faith that success will follow.